Monday, April 7, 2008

God is laying MISSIONS on my heart

I have been recently convicted by the Holy Spirit about missions and the lack of international missions emphasis in the local church and the local association. After my seminary experience, I researched a people group in Indonesia and it really opened my eyes to what is happening outside the United States. People would die if you asked them to go to Germany, Russia, or Africa on a mission trip. Some would say they are too old, or that they are not interested in this sort of thing. I have led many US mission trips and it is about time to light the church afire of groups of people who need the gospel around the world.
Here is the big announcement: I feel as if God is leading our church towards the great country of.............................PERU!! That's right, South America.
We need to spend our resources and our time to help missionary efforts there and to really immerse ourselves in the people groups there that need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. Isnt this commanded of us in Acts 1:8. It is one thing to be an Acts 1:8 church, but it is another to actually go and pray for God's leadership in what we are to do. First of all, we should serve these people in all ways possible, help to strengthen the churches and church plants, and bathe this country in prayer.
It is time to make the first step: I will take it by obeying the Lord and making contact with missionaries there!!! Get on board with me as I pray to cast a vision net over our church!! i am very excited!!

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