Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why the Church must teach today? Part Dos

So assuming the church is passionate about teaching on the Savior, his death, burial, and resurrection....so what's next

DIMENSION #2: The church’s teaching ministry also should teach about Christian spirituality and disciplines from God's Word. Once the new believer has learned of our Savior, it is the church’s responsibility to guide believers in "how to" in their prayers, quiet time, and spiritual reflection, fasting, giving, serving and ministry, and so on.

We should teach how to fear the Lord and constantly reproof our flesh in order to stay away from sin. I believe that as a church we are weak in this area. Sure preachers and teachers may be teaching this, but are we being effective? I say in some cases yes, but for the church body as a whole....."no". Why? We dont teach application very well. Look how the desires of the world have infiltrated the Church of Jesus Christ today. Look at the churches that are knee deep in selfishness and pride, they are more excited about what they have (buildings) instead of worshipping and serving the Lord and a deep desire to expand the kingdom of God.

Paul mentions that we should not stay like “babes”, but we should strive to become mature believers. We can only achieve this by our personal quiet time of study and prayer, and with the help of the church teaching ministry to teach us God's Word, His instruction for our lives. Christians need to be taught about thinking with the Holy Spirit within them and following God's will for their life. What would the church look like today if that was taught, learned and applied in each person's life?

What can we do to begin teaching about the spiritual and Christian disciplines from God's Word? How do we engage people to live by the Spirit and follow Jesus? Preaching....Preaching....Preaching....Teaching...Teaching...Teaching!!! Did I say that enough?

By the way, think of the impact this particular Dallas pastor would have made if he taught on the disciplines of a Christian's life such as challenging their church to fast and pray for seven days versus challenging their married couples to have sex for seven days....hhhmmmm!!! Stay tuned for the next dimension!! Brian

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