Monday, January 19, 2009

Quarterback Kurt Warner's Faith Comments after the Game

A Fox Sports News Writer wrote this about Kurt Warner's Belief:
Actually, the issue isn't really religion. It's faith. I don't care what or whom a ballplayer believes in: Jesus, Moses, Buddha, L. Ron Hubbard. I don't care what his position is on stem cell research, abortion, gay rights. But a system of belief — any system, really — that stills the mind and quells doubt is of obvious benefit, particularly if you're an athlete. However, Kurt Warner is working on faith.
"It's an advantage for any individual, when you have faith and believe in something," Warner told our Greg Boeck Thursday after the Cardinals broke practice. "In my case, it's the power of Jesus ..." "I walk by faith and not by sight. I walk according to what I believe, and what I believe the power of God is, as opposed to what the world tells us, or what circumstances appear to be."
Put another way, belief can liberate you. You need not dwell on the long odds. You're free of the thoughts that crush so many comebacks — the assortment of self-involved, self-inflicted self doubts.
"So much of this business is 'Me, me me,'" Warner told Boeck. "... My faith has allowed me to step back from that and say, 'Hey, this isn't about me.'"
A guy like Warner, though, isn't working off the betting line. He doesn't care what circumstances appear to be. He's got faith.

Here is a man of God who has a close relationship with Jesus and is not afriad of telling others about his faith. Amazing how it got the attention of this sports writer who cannot believe his faith is the center of his life. You will never know how your walk and talk can get the attention and influence others such as this reporter. Christians should be more vocal about our faith. We should be vocal about what we stand for even though we may get egg on our face. We hide in our church buildings and "practice" our religion behind closed doors. Folks, this is the mess we are in now in the USA, because we have not expressed our faith in Christ like Kurt Warner has publically and not be ashamed of the gospel we are to share. (Romans 1:16) TIME TO STAND UP!!! Sleepy Disciple

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