Thursday, September 10, 2009

Spiritual Leadership: What to Leaders do

This is an ongoing leadership blog for the meantime as I look at spiritual leadership. I recall all the companies and jobs I have been a part of. The churches and organizations I have been a part of. I begin to realize that there has been many different types of leaders in these various aspects.

Interesting in the beginning of the chapter in the book Spiritual Leadership is an age old question I think we all have asked from time to time to peak our interest: "How can I move people to do what needs to be done?" Oswald Sanders is quoted as saying, "Leadership is influence, the ability of one person to influence others." There is much to that statement because we have seen dictators who dictate and expect those under him/her to get it done with no excuses. Then there are the leaders who are team leaders that inspire those under him to accomplish the tasks at hand. What about the team leaders who want to be friendly with all but when the time comes to accomplish something, they can't lead because they are trying to make friends instead of lead people. So, there are the leaders who are trying hard to lead but those under him/her are not hearing or paying attention to their leadership. I am sure I have missed so many other different types of leaders.

Henry and Richard Blackaby writes in Spiritual Leadership that there are 5 ways in which leaders can infuence others:
1. Spiritual Leaders pray. Spiritual Leaders must retreat daily with quality time with the Lord.
2. Spiritual Leaders work hard. Their work ethic must be focused and be a good manager of time. If they are not giving time to their family, they are working too hard and not being effective.
3. Spiritual Leaders communicate. Vision, mission, team work, focus, etc.
4. Spiritual Leaders serve. Leaders must show a heart of humility and compassion as they invest in and serve people.
5. Spiritual Leaders maintain positive attitudes. The cause is clear and a positive attitude will influence others to follow their lead.

I believe that this is a good instrument to gage from for minister search committees or any group that desires to call someone to lead their people. If you are already leading people, this list is good to reflect on about twice a year to see how focused you are to lead and influence others. I know that I always adjust my life according to this list, because I let my focus slip towards other things at times.

How am a good question to ask on each item. I am almost done with this book and it has challenged me and my leadership to see exactly what I am doing and where I am going. It's good to check your focus frequently!!

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