Wednesday, January 12, 2011

INTERCEDE: PART 2 of the 4 x 4 Challenge

What do you think when we read in the Gospel of John about “ABIDE“??

"Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine, so neither can you unless you abide in Me.”  (John 15:4)

I would answer that a large part of ABIDE (a vital connection with the Lord Jesus) is Prayer…simple prayer.  Prayer is communicating with God.  It is our direct response to what understand and know about God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.  It is also communion with God…’s one of the ways we deepen our relationship with God.  Why?  We are expressing our love to God.

My son and daughters love to talk right after school.  They tell me about their day and the fun they had with friends and teachers learning and playing.  They can’t wait to get off the bus to tell me.  We have learned to take turns.  God offers believers His ears when we talk to Him and we should be eager to spend time with the Lord in prayer every day.

WHY?  1.  God desires that we pray.  Prayer offers the opportunity to glorify God, to magnify His attributes, and to thank Him for every provision of life (Model Prayer taught by Jesus in Luke 11)
2.  Second, we need prayer.  Our communion with God is both the reason for our being and the source of ministry.  Through prayer we ask God to act in our lives and intercede in the lives of others.  Prayer should change us!!
3.  The world needs prayer.  The Father has called us to minister to and on behalf of others.  We should be concerned with God’s kingdom in this world.

All ministry to the lost is motivated, empowered, and accomplished through prayer.  (come to think about it so is our ministry to God and to believers)  Pray for the 4 people you have on your list.  Remember the four people you have been thinking about this next week when you meet with the Lord in prayer daily.  Make it a great concern to INTERCEDE on their behalf to the Almighty Father.
See you Sunday….Brian
(parts of this article taken from “THE JOURNEY” discipleship course from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Spiritual Life of the Minister Course)


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Thanks for your insights and inspiration.