Thursday, December 5, 2013

Advent Conspiracy–Worship Fully

“Let’s face it; God has a big ego problem.  Why do we always have to worship Him?” – Bill Maher

It seems as if mankind always had a sense of worship, but to many different things.  Let’s blow this up, shall we?  Worship is giving something value – adoration and submission to.  I can go to Best Buy and drool over media and surround sound and IPad’s and I can go to the hardware store and lick my chops at power drills and saws and hammers and nails – oh my! - and when I go to work I can give great value to immersing myself in the job that I do and give it my all.  I can do the same with family, with church, and friends.

Christmas was an interruption!  It came at a dark time in a dark place.  Evil leaders/kings were in control of the land, there was an unbelievable amount of poverty because of high government taxation and something amazing was about to happen – Christmas.  The temple system in Israel was spiraling out of control – it became a corrupted religion with Pharisees at the helm barking at people about religious lifestyles and priests were profiting from the temple in excess.  There was a great divide between rich and poor – no middle class per se. 

Christmas was about to happen – an interruption by God.  He was sending His Son to earth to be a Savior and Messiah – to give hope to the poor and suffering, to bring Good News to the poor in spirit for the now and the future of the world. So that we may be able to “worship” God fully.  Because in our disobedience (sin) we cannot.  We don’t fully grasp what God did through Jesus thousands of years ago – to interrupt our lives for the better!  So that we can worship Him fully by receiving the Savior, Jesus.  Many that worship other things, don’t want to be interrupted.  Gain a perspective – hurry to the manger and see!  Believe!  Worship Him!

Advent Conspiracy Part 1 – Peace, Sleepy Disciple   

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