Monday, January 13, 2014

Storms and Peace

It's amazing when we pray what happens - sometimes we don't even know if God is listening.  Sometimes we don't hear a peep or we go without hearing or seeing action for a long time.  Phillip Yancey in his teaching prayer admits that he experienced a year long drought in prayer that shook his faith.

That's it though isn't it?  Isn't it about faith when we pray?  When Jesus said to come and lay your burden on him, did he really mean it?  When he said ask and it will be given to you, was he serious? When James writes that the prayer of the righteous man is good is that right?

When we go through storms, the problem is that we can't see.  We are confused as to the direction in our life and there certainly is no peace.  The goal is to have faith.  Jesus is at the wheel steering the ship and we ride knowing that wherever we go or whatever we ware called to do, he is at the helm - he is in control - that, my friends is peace.  

When someone is trying to drag you into the storm, drag them into your peace.  Jesus is in charge of your life - no need to go into one storm after the other - seek peace from your faith of knowing who is in control.  Today God answered three prayers in a mighty way and I am thankful because he has got all of this and we are faithful in waiting on the results no matter what they are.

Good night and God Bless - Sleepy Disciple

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