Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Least of These 

Matthew 25:40 - what does this verse really mean Jesus?  Who are the least of these and what must I do to help them?

I have a Christian t-shirt that simply says, "Religion is easy....Love is hard!"  What happens when a church as a whole just doesn't care for others.  Practicing religion, yes!  Loving others, no!  I am reminded of a situation in our community that concerns impoverished children that is very dangerous.  It is an issue of neglect, an issue of sorrow and frustration.  Trying to find a solution here on earth through the proper authorities who already are overwhelmed with loads of cases to care for.  We pray for the parents but what happens when the parent is a problem.  These children are the least of these.  They have no way of helping themselves.

We are called to Love God and Love others.  The Least of These are the others.  The needy who are overlooked.  Those who need our help.  Those around us in the community where we live.  Those who are our neighbors.  Therefore, there must be faith and there must be action!  Michael Wilkins writes, "This does not absolve a general mercy that Christians must demonstrate toward all in need."  Leon Morris writes, "Everyone in need is to be the object of Christian benevolence."  Mercy requires action on our part, but it is our faith that gives us a foundation to care in the first place.  Love is the same way!

So think about this....."Whatever you do unto the least of these you do unto Me."  Whatever we do or don't do in action towards the "least" we do to Jesus.  We must DO SOMETHING!  We must ACT!  I hope your faith is up to the task.  --Sleepy Disciple

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