Monday, August 29, 2016

Psalm 23:1 - Balance

I read Psalm 23 all the time at funerals.  This is a popular passage of Scripture that is used for believers, but then do we really understand what it means.  Yes, it is calming and reassuring.  Yes, it is filled with a yearning for the Lord.  What about our part in it?

I.  The Lord is MY Shepherd
Think about the use of the word "My" here.  David, the writer, uses this emphasis to show possession.  Jesus says in John 10:11 that He is the "Good Shepherd."  If He lay down His life for His sheep then the question becomes, "Am I one of His?"  If you claim Jesus as your shepherd, this means that you believe in Him and you trust Him.  You take possession of Jesus as your shepherd.  

II.  Responsibility
If you claim possession of Jesus as Your Shepherd, then you are responsible to Him.  You are responsible to trust Him, to follow Him, to listen to His commands, to do what the Shepherd says.  We live in days or irresponsibility.  No one wants to take responsibility for anything.  If this becomes a new trend in our families, then it becomes a new trend in our churches.  Tony Evans (paraphrase) says, "Where there are healthy Christian families, there are healthy Christian churches."  If we are in His flock, there must be responsibility to follow Him with complete submission.

III.  I Shall Not Want
This simply means that we are lacking nothing.  The Good Shepherd provides.  The Good Shepherd supplies for our every need.  I get the idea that we should not "desire" anything else.  Complete and total reliance on Jesus our Savior.  Jesus fulfills our life.  Jesus fulfills our wants and needs.  We are made complete with Him in our life.  That means we have no control, the Shepherd does. As a sheep, we follow with belief and trust in Him.  This message is against the self control that we are comfortable with.  The self control that we fight daily to keep our lives in balance.  Give all that to the Shepherd.

Whose sheep are you?  Do you follow the world?  Or do you follow the Good Shepherd?  The world's pastures are filled with all kinds of indulgences.  All kinds of sin we can partake in.  But we are never satisfied.  We are always wanting and filled with desire.  It never ends.  The Good Shepherd's leads us to fulfillment.  To eternal life.  He has laid down His life for His sheep so that we may be filled with His righteousness.  So that we can be holy and acceptable to God.  We will desire nothing of this world because we are focused on Him.  Focused on hope. We just have to have faith.           
All to Jesus I Surrender.....Sleepy Disciple

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