Monday, January 2, 2017

BATTLE PLAN: The Battle for Truth

Seems like 2016 was the battle for many truths.  There were many defining moments from organizations and government entities to declare their definition of truth.  Gender identity, sexual orientation, what constitutes a family and many churches declaring that certain sins are acceptable to practice because of their view and interpretation of God's Word.  My intention is not to cram my opinions of social ills down your throat.  It is to share a word from the Bible with you:
2 John.  13 short and impacting verses.  It begins with the TRUTH.  God's Truth revealed in His Son, Jesus Christ.  The writer loves all who know the truth.  A common fellowship with truth seekers of the Lord.  Matter of fact, he says that this truth will last forever.  Amen!  Truth is so gray these days.  We don't know really what's right because we allow other influences to cloud our judgement instead of standing on the Word of God.  

Second, there is WALKING IN THE TRUTH - The writer points attention to walk in the truth by obeying the commandments of the Lord.  It is an obvious honesty and uprightness that are displayed by this woman's children as they are living according to the Lord's truth esp. the loving one another and the love for God's commands.  The writer notices this walk and points out that it is very obvious.  Can that be said of us?  Would someone see the way we live and respond in this manner?

Third, there is ABIDING IN THE TRUTH - Someone that is abiding in the truth is living within it.  It sticks in our lives and never wavers.  We don't sway from influence from the world or from others.  We are warned to beware of deception.  We are told to watch ourselves and don't even invite these into our house.  By their evil deeds they are known.  We should take great care in sticking to Word of God.  There are so many distractions today.  So much time and energy are given to ungodly things.  

The Result is JOY - "may your joy be full".  The writer would prefer to see for himself (face to face, no ink and paper) that the truth is being handled correctly and thriving in our lives.  We live as sufferers many times allowing the current conditions in our life and the consequences of our poor choices to overwhelm us instead of embracing the greater truth of salvation in Christ Jesus.  Living according to God's love, grace and mercy.  Experiencing the peace that only God gives through His Son.  May you find JOY in salvation through the Savior this year!

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