Monday, January 21, 2019

She is a New Creation!

When Richard and I were going into the harvest on Sunday evening, we prayed and loaded index cards to share the 3 Circles (Gospel) and took to the street according to our assignment.  Months have past and I have shared the gospel yet no one has believed and surrendered to Christ.  I wasn't disappointed or frustrated because i know this is a marathon not a sprint. 

Halfway through the block, we rang the doorbell and Michael came to the door.  Asking for prayer requests, he said that he needed to get his girlfriend.  "Hold on for a minute."  I thought he was ditching us but Richard reminded me to be patient.  A few minutes passed and I was beginning to think we were suckers.  However, Ashley came out of the house on the front porch to share a prayer request.  We prayed over them and the request.  Then, i offered to show them a story that changed my life like we always do and Michael replied to "Go ahead."

They tracked the story well.  Michael shared some things along the way which would indicate he knew the Bible and was biblically correct on all things he shared.  I asked the question at the end with the choice.  "There are two kinds of people in the world....those in God's perfect design and those in brokenness....which one are you?"  Michael pointed to God's perfect design.  Ashley pointed to brokenness.  I asked both of them if they ever had believed and surrendered in Jesus.  Michael said yes, Ashley said no.  I quoted Romans 10:9-10 and asked that she pray to Jesus to profess her faith in Him and for forgiveness for her sins. 

Thank God that Michael was there to help as a believer who knew the Scripture.  Thank God that Ashley confessed Jesus as her Savior.  Thank God that we were sent to this particular street, to this particular house, and the Holy Spirit convicted her heart.  Praise Him!  She is a NEW CREATION!  (2 Cor. 5:17-21)  Now, we must disciple her.  Pray that Michael will be a great encouragement for her and she would join a body of Christ that teaches the Word correctly.   

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