Friday, February 7, 2020

The Antioch Effect: Fields Are Ripe For the Harvest

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I am sure that most people that grew up in church were used to the old visitation night or we put on an evangelistic/outreach events such as a 5th quarter for youth or Vacation Bible School.  Most of these efforts usually create lots of work and prayerfully we get to see a few salvations from them.  in most urban/suburban southern areas of the US, the typical bible believing church is down the block and has been there for decades.  In rural settings, that one single church exists that everyone is aware of in the area and has been there for 50 to 100 years or more. 

Hemphill shares that 28 percent of adults believe it is their responsibility to share their religious beliefs with others.  25 percent strongly feel they have no such responsibility.  In Matthew 9, Jesus uses the term harvest to explain the condition of the fields that are ready to be worked.  The harvest.  The people all around us.  Our neighbors.  The folks standing next to us in line at Wal Mart or Target.  The ones who are in the booth next to us in the restaurant.  Our family.  "Jesus referred to the many souls needing to be brought to repentance and faith as a harvest waiting to be realized."  (

Jesus states in Matthew 9:37 that the problem is "the workers are few."  In other words, the lack of salvations and baptisms are due to the fact that aren't enough disciples going into the harvest, a field ripe and ready to be cultivated, to share the gospel.  We have read this passage of Scripture.  We have heard a lesson or sermon about it, yet, we don't want to be obedient to what Jesus is obviously pointing out.  Let's add the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20 and Acts 1:8 on top of that. 

If it's a command of Christ, then why aren't we going into the harvest?  Jesus said the harvest is ready.  So, you are either the "few" workers or you're not.  We complain that the pastor is not good enough to bring people into the body of Christ or attend the worship service.  He hasn't worked hard enough when it's EVERY believers responsibility to share the gospel.  To go into the HARVEST to work!  "People don't want to hear that" or "people aren't responsive" is not going to cut it on Judgment Day I'm afraid.   

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