Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Drive By Marital Counseling

I was minding my own business trimming a massive tree in the front lawn of FBC Del Rio, when all of the sudden a man in his car stopped and called me over to the car. He didnt ask the other two guys that were there or the two students, Trev or Olive, he specifically asked me. I was dripping wet with sweat, a had my nasty work trucker hat on with nasty tshirt and shorts and holding a pole saw. (a chain saw on a long stick)

After asking if I was a minister or not, here was the $20,000 question of the day was: What would you do if a woman in your car was kicking in your dashboard? (there was a woman in the passenger seat and two boys in the back seat ages 8 and 14 maybe? and a hole in the dashboard where someone had kicked it in) "What would you do sir?"

I really had to think about this for a minute...I mean I dont get asked this question every day. He followed with this statement: "I am about to call the police!!" I asked him what relation this woman was to him and he replied: my WIFE!! I told him that "that was definitely a bad idea". Bro. B Marital Counseling Rule #1: Don't ever call the police on your wife, unless she has a weapon intending to use it on you. That's just good for the relationship.

I am a big fan of the show, "Everyone Loves Raymond." It is about a dysfinctional marriage and family but at the end of each show, Raymond and Debra always work it out. It is hilarious to ee how Raymond is always trying to get his way in things. How do you work things out with your significant "other"? Does it get so bad that you have to kick in your dashboard to get one another's attention? Communicate!! Talk to each other and respect each other's feelings.

I have learned throughout the years that marriage is about "sacrifice". When you have someone you love, you will sacrifice your selfish ambitions to become "one" (unified and together) as a couple as God meant for us to be. Paul even tells us in Ephesians that husbands ought to do this for our wives just as Christ sacrificed himself for the church. Don't let selfishness take over your relationships so badly that you have to get Drive By Marital Counseling from a pole saw wielding stinky pastor.


Jennifer Macaulay said...

The Lord calls us to do his work in many special ways . . .but "drive by marital counselor" has to be the best I've ever heard!
Amen Brother B!
May our dashboard always be dent free!!

Mimmie said...

Brother B,
Just proves God will use us any time, any where even if we are stinky and carrying a pole saw - as long as our hearts are clean and ready for Him.
We love you,
Poppie and Mimmie

Sue Kinsey said...

Your words of wisdom may have been the turning point in the couples relationship, God does work in mysterious on the pastor counceling carring a pole saw, that may be dangerous. Great time spent with your group look forward to many more trips.
God's Blessings with you and your church.