Monday, January 12, 2015

Bible Engagement...the new buzz word

I was interested today in reading research on Christians and the frequency in which they read the Bible. Lifeway research has done some studies, Christian Post has reported on it, the Barna Research Group has done some polls and studies as well.  Something interesting that I found was that Bible Engagement is the new buzz word for this type of thing.

The Christian Post writes an article which quotes the Director of Lifeway Research:

"Bible engagement encompasses more than just Bible reading. It measures the extent to which individuals interact with the truth of Scripture and allow it to permeate their thinking and influence their actions,"

Interesting that we are no longer researching just Bible reading but we are now measuring the INTERACTION of the truth of Scripture with our lives. Something that pastor's, minister's, mentors or teachers have been trying to get disciples of Christ to do for centuries. And the result of this interaction causes one to think and be influenced by the Word of God. AMEN!

But the real question should be is how hungry are we for the Lord and His Word? The Truth? Not only to read it, but to ENGAGE with it so that it will change our thinking and influence our lives.

When we are doing these things, here is where we will find God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Redemption, Salvation, Repentance, Relationship and Satisfaction.  When we are engaging in the Word of God to get to know God every day.  Will you be another statistic?

-Sleepy Disciple

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